About us

Consumer Reviews is definitely an impartial, charitable company that works alongside with customers to produce a healthier, better, and lighter planet. We get it done by strengthening them using the reliable understanding and by fighting to place consumers’ wants first available on the market they rely on to create better, more educated choices.

For 80 years, we’ve supplied proof-centered rankings and product-testing, demanding study, hard hitting public training investigative writing, and working plan motion with respect to pursuits that were consumers’.



Unconstrained by other or marketing industrial impacts, we’ve uncovered safety problems and milestone public health and also have worked to be always a driver for professional-customer modifications available on the market. From championing accountable car security requirements, to water defenses and earning food, to improving health quality, to battling back against aggressive lenders within the economic areas, Consumer Reviews happens to be about the frontlines, increasing the sounds of customers.

To improve we associate with customers to, our objective:

• Form industry. We equipping customers to create significant options that transfer industry to higher fulfill their requirements and enhance their own lifestyles fearlessly and meticulously check, evaluation, and statement on services and products.

• Impact companies. Whilst champ and the top speech of customers, we’re distinctly situated to work well with companies to enhance methods and goods, getting healthier and better choices to customer requirements towards the marketplace in reaction.

• Information rulemakers. We gather our medical knowledge and nonpartisan evaluation using the energy of consumer coalitions to raise easy, customer-friendly guidelines (legislation and legislation), battle guidelines that damage customers, and rebalance marketplace forces to prefer consumers’ wellness, protection, solitude, and economic protection.

We do, Consumer Reviews connects neutral, reliable assistance with ten years to equipping customers to create informed choices of unwavering dedication. By being pushed exclusively from the requirements and pursuits of customers, we proceed to function because the gold-standard for customer energy and customer understanding. Fundamentally, our achievement is based on being truly a speech for—and providing to—consumers to a speech.